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What Makes Made to Measure Suits Better Than Ready To Wear?

The term made to measure is a somewhat vague one. It has different connotations depending on the brand and what you mean by it. Here's a rundown of what makes a made to measure suit better than an off the rack option. Essentially, it's a combination of efficiency and personal style. Toby Lamb, brand director of Richard James, describes it as the most efficient way to have a suit made.

True Made To Measure Suits

Made to measure suits are literally tailor-made for each customer, using a pattern that is unique to the individual. This pattern, usually on paper, is based on the client's measurements and posture. It ensures the perfect fit while allowing for minor differences in weight and shape. A tailor will take as many as fifty measurements from a client before creating a pattern. During the consultation, the tailor will take measurements of the customer's body shape, stance, and posture. The process will then be streamlined and personalized, allowing the tailor to create a custom suit for each client.

Made to measure suits require more fittings than Ready To Wear. There will typically be at least three appointments, and sometimes up to five. These additional fittings are necessary to ensure accuracy and prevent costly mistakes. Usually, the first fitting takes place four to five weeks after the initial measuring. Made to measure suits will cost more than off the rack suits, but a well-trained tailor will take your measurements carefully and provide you with the perfect fit.

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Made To Measure Suits - Ideal For Odd Shapes

Made to measure suits are also better for people with less-than-textbook body shapes. You may be tall, muscular, or have sloping shoulders. It could even be that you have one hip higher than the other. These clients tend to struggle to find suits that fit well. It is worth the extra going for a made to measure suit.

Made to measure suits are great for those who prefer a more customized fit without spending thousands of pounds on bespoke.

The Perfect Suit

Custom made to measure suits are tailored to your exact shape size and figuration. These suits are made of a variety of materials. Depending on the suit style, a tailor can make the suit in any style or material. The process typically involves an initial fitting and then several intermediate fittings, which are revisions to the original draft. Because tailoring is such a specialized craft, each piece is crafted to the customer's specifications.

Timescales For Made To Measure Suits

A first made to measure suit takes around six to eight weeks to make, but the time can be shorter or longer. There are many steps required to make your first made to measure suit. But once your pattern is finalised, each subsequent suit can be made to the same pattern and the whole process is much quicker. As short as three weeks in some cases.

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What About Altering Ready To Wear?

While it is possible to find a suit with a general off the rack, you may want to get a suit made to fit perfectly. The length of the jacket and sleeve length can be altered in some brands, but only to a certain extent. You might want to have the sleeve length and pocket placement customized, but the other adjustments aren't generally possible. It will be more expensive if you get a tailor to create a custom suit for you, but it will be worth the extra expense in the long run.

Off-the-rack suits can be very cheap or very expensive, depending on the brand and the materials used. Off-the-rack suits are usually pre-sized, and are usually manufactured by machines. Only a small number of manufacturers still produce off the rack suits by hand. However, if you have a specific size in mind, you can often find an off-the-rack suit that fits you perfectly for less than $500.

Off-the-rack suits are mass-produced, pre-styled, and are usually made to conform to general sizing rules. Therefore, they may not fit perfectly. They often compromise on fit, style, and fabric. They also require you to spend a lot of time shopping, trying on scores of jackets and dealing with pushy salespeople. Alternatively, tailored suits are made for you specifically, so that you can get the right fit and style.

Made To Measure Suits Online

The process of ordering a custom-made suit is straightforward. You can view online videos that show you how to take your measurements, and ask a friend to do it for you. However, the devil is in the detail. The beauty and style of a made to measure suit is in the way it fits. And to be frank, you are unlikely to get your measurements as accurate as a tailor would so the suit is unlikely to look as good as one from a tailor

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Off-the-rack made-to-measure suits come with a number of benefits, but the main one is the cost. Off-the-rack suits are surprisingly inexpensive when compared to bespoke suits. Often they are comparable in price to good quality off-the-rack suits. Off-the-rack suits will never fit perfectly, but if you plan on wearing your suit frequently, it is well worth the money investing in a tailor-made suit.

Purchasing a suit can be a daunting task for anyone, especially if it is your first time. The best choice for you may depend on your budget, time, and situation. Off-the-rack suits are the cheapest option, and they are typically mass-produced and made to generic measurements. While these suits are great for last-minute events, they aren't ideal for those with more intricate preferences.

Off-the-rack suits are a good investment, but there are some important things to consider. A bad fit will detract from the overall appearance of your outfit, as well as your confidence. Even with the perfect fit, you may need to make some minor adjustments to make it fit correctly. For instance, you might have to have the hemline shortened, or you may have to alter the chest size. In addition, your new suit may not fit properly due to the improper fit.

The downside of off-the-rack suits is that the quality is lower than custom-made garments. Because the materials used for these suits are cheap, they are produced in large numbers, lowering their cost.

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Your Made To Measure Suit

First, learn how to identify the sizing and fit terms that a tailor uses. Unlike a standard garment, a custom suit will be tailored to fit your unique body shape and features. This means your jacket will be perfectly fitted, down to the last detail of where buttons and pockets are placed. And the tailor will be able to account for your chest and shoulder width while making the garment. But if you're considering the cost of a made to measure suit, make sure that the tailor takes into account these measurements in the making process.

Another benefit of made-to-measure suits is the wide selection of fabrics. You can choose from literally thousands of cloth options. You'll be quizzed on everything from the style to the small details, including the lining, the size of lapels, the design of buttons, and even the colour of the stitching. Many top-notch tailors will also allow you to personalise your suit with a monogram.

Made-to-measure suits are the most efficient way to have a suit made. This process balances efficiency and personal style. Richard James' brand director, Toby Lamb, says "The best thing about made-to-measure suits is the price."

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Made To Measure Suits » Perfectly Tailored? ›

Made-to-measure (MTM) typically refers to custom clothing that is cut and sewn using a standard-sized base pattern. Suits and sport coats are the most common garments made-to-measure.

What does made-to-measure mean in tailoring? ›

Made-to-measure (MTM) typically refers to custom clothing that is cut and sewn using a standard-sized base pattern. Suits and sport coats are the most common garments made-to-measure.

How much is a perfectly tailored suit? ›

It's challenging to specify an exact dollar amount when asking about a custom-tailored suit cost. The answer is that a well-built, tailored suit can start at $1,500 or so and climb up to $6,500 plus.

What is the difference between made-to-measure and tailoring? ›

In a made-to-measure setting, a sales representative with a basic tailoring understanding takes the measurements and refers these to a tailor subsequently. In a bespoke setting, a tailor interacts directly with the client and takes measurements. This is due to the need for detailed and precise measurements.

What does it mean if a suit is tailored? ›

A tailor made suit is an individually hand-crafted garment, made to your exact body shape and styling requirements. It's an optimal balance between off-the-rack and bespoke suiting options, giving you the individual choice and personalised fit of bespoke, without the high price tag.

What is a made-to-measure suit? ›

What is made-to-measure? A made-to-measure suit refers to a suit that's made from an existing pattern then modified to meet your exact measurements and provide a better fit—for example, if you need a wider shoulder or a shorter length than the ready-to-wear jackets you see in the shop.

What is the difference between made-to-measure and ready to wear? ›

Ready-to-Wear Suits

They're available for purchase off the rack at any department store or menswear store with ties to that brand. In contrast, made-to-measure suits are tailor-made from scratch using measurements taken from your body by a professional tailor (usually you).

Is $400 too much for a suit? ›

Expect to spend $400 to $799 on a basic suit. While most basic suits start at $400, you can often find them on sale for as little as $300. Most experts agree that you should buy the best quality suit that you can afford.

How long does a tailored suit last? ›

The average lifespan of a good bespoke suit should last for 5 – 10 years. This also depends on the frequency of wear. The number above is based on a weekly wear. We also recommend that you should wear a specific Suit once a week and have a rotation of 5 Suits within that week.

How do you tell if a suit is well tailored? ›

Stand sideways in front of the mirror and see where the jacket sleeves stop in relation to your shirt sleeves. The shirt sleeve should be popping out by about 1/4-1/2 of an inch. This is one of the most telling signs of a well-tailored suit.

What are the two types of tailoring? ›

What are the two types of tailoring? The two types of tailoring are made-to-measure and bespoke. Made-to-measure refers to garments that are created using pre-existing patterns, while bespoke refers to garments that are completely unique and made to the wearer's specific measurements and design preferences.

Can I pay a tailor to take my measurements? ›

Indeed, if you want to rest assured that your measurements are taken by a professional, you can go to any tailor and ask him to measure you.

Do tailors charge for measurements? ›

Most tailors will be happy to do this but you need to call ahead and ask if you can pay them to take measurements and establish how much they will charge for doing so.

Why is suit tailoring so expensive? ›

New clothes start with freshly measured and cut pieces, and are assembled in a pre-defined, efficient order. Altering clothes takes time to review the construction, take apart a section of the garment (or sometimes the entire garment), make the alteration, then reassemble it correctly for the right fit.

Is a tailor-made suit better than store bought? ›

Custom tailored suits are generally made of better materials and are stitched with more care, they tend to last longer than those purchased in a department store. No need to worry over your suit falling apart or fading after just a few cleanings.

Can you undo a tailored suit? ›

The first rule of suit alterations is that taking away or reducing the amount of fabric is doable, but you can't make something bigger, at least not by much. Exactly how much depends on what allowances of extra material were under the seams or hems of the garments.

Is made-to-measure better than off the rack? ›

Made to Measure Suits

Fabrics are often of a better quality than off the rack suits but may be of a lower grade compared to bespoke suits. As the suits are adjusted to your measurements, they are of a better fit than off the rack suits.

How long do made-to-measure suits take? ›

How long does it take to make a suit? Anywhere between six to eight weeks. Body measurements can change in six weeks, so often small changes and adjustments have to be made to the suit, which is why the tailors leave extra space. There are likely to be at least three sittings.

What is the difference between tailor-made and custom made? ›

Custom-made and tailor-made both mean "made specifically for someone." But there are some differences in usage. Custom-made refers to almost anything that is made for someone, including clothes but just as often referring to other things: I like his custom-made shoes. He rides a custom-made motorcycle.

What is the difference between made-to-measure and off the rack tailored? ›

The main difference between bespoke and off the rack suits is that bespoke suits are made from scratch, whereas off the rack ones are prefabricated. Ready to wear suits will be sized and crafted based on general male sizing, so you'll never find a suit from a retailer that will be a perfect fit.

What do you wear when getting measured for tailoring? ›

Before you measure anything

Otherwise, make sure you are wearing form-fitting clothing (like a tank-top and leggings) and your typical day-to-day undergarments. Get help. Stand in front of a mirror and have someone on standby to assist you (especially for those back measurements.)

Is $1,000 dollars a lot for a suit? ›

Overall, a $1,000 suit will not give you the best of everything, you either can get something with more handwork that is a little more comfortable and lasts longer or maybe something that is more machine made with a more refined cut but you have to compromise on the fabric.

What is considered an expensive suit? ›

The Expensive Suit ranges from $1,000 and up and will typically be either custom-made with the best fabrics or designed by one of the best designers.

How many suits should a man own? ›

No matter how you like to dress or what you do for work, sometimes only a suit will do. But how many suits does a man need? For us, the magic number is three. Whether you're at a wedding, job interview or business event, these are the men's suits that will never let you down.

Can a suit be tailored in 2 days? ›

A suit can be tailored in a few days, even in a few hours if the store has the bandwidth. However, typically there is some wait and you should expect to wait 2 days all the way up to 2 weeks if the store is busy.

Can a suit last 20 years? ›

Above all, however, the fabric plays a major role here. A good tweed suit should last many years. Some men have them for 20 or 30 years and they still look new. Others get it from their fathers or grandfathers, and so they last generations.

Should a tailored suit feel tight? ›

You should be able to move your arms freely in a ready to wear (RTW) made to measure (MTM) or bespoke suit, so if it feels tight around the shoulders it might be too small. On the other hand, seams that extend past your shoulders indicate the jacket is too big.

Is it better for a suit to be tight or loose? ›

The shoulders of a suit jacket should feel comfortably snug, with the end of the shoulder seam meeting the tip of your own shoulders. The shoulder should sit flat, without any rumpling, with the top of the sleeve hanging beautifully straight from the shoulder point, with no wrinkling at the top.

What does a perfectly fitted suit look like? ›

A good suit or sports jacket should fall past the waist and drape over the top of the curve formed by the buttocks. An ideal fit will cover a man down to the point where his butt starts to curve back inward, and stop there (but anywhere in that general region is okay).

What's the difference between a suit and a tailored suit? ›

Now “off the rack suits” are fairly self-explanatory, a premade suit that is then sometimes further fitted to your individual specifications. Tailored suits, however, are made from the ground up to your exact body shape and measurements and can be pretty much infinitely customized to your liking.

What makes a good tailor? ›

Get Some Alterations

The best tailors will be able to do anything you ask of them. More than that, they'll also be able to make some recommendations based on the garment. The more knowledgeable they are, the more likely you'll be a satisfied customer.

What is a female tailor called? ›

Tailor is a gender-neutral word. But, the word seamstress refers to a woman who makes dresses.

What are 3 things a tailor does? ›

Tailors are responsible for constructing, altering, repairing, or modifying garments for customers based on their specifications, needs, and preferences. They take customers' measurements, assist in fabric selection, and arrange fittings to determine whether additional adjustments are needed.

Does it cost anything to get measured for a suit? ›

That means you can go into any “brick and mortar” tuxedo shop or Men's Warehouse in your area and ask for complimentary measurements, and they will take them for you, free of charge.

How much can a tailor take off? ›

Waist Width

The Waist Width of Proper Cloth trousers can be taken out by 0.75” (1.5” in total circumference). It can be taken in by 1” (2” in total circumference). Any changes to this dimension will require some changes to the seat (Hip Width) of the pants as well.

Do you wear your clothes to the tailor? ›

First, you'll need to try on the clothing item(s) that you want to get altered. Make sure to bring the shoes and undergarments that you'll be wearing with the garment when you come in for your visit. These items are extremely important so that the tailor can create an accurate fit for how you'll be wearing the garment.

Do I tip a tailor? ›

"It's not expected to tip a tailor, since tailors are usually paid hourly or for the specific job they are asked to do, but it's definitely not off-limits. Anytime any service-based talent does a great job or goes above and beyond for a customer, tipping is appreciated and is an acceptable way to show thanks."

Is tailor made expensive? ›

While the exact price depends on the shop, item and alteration, many tailoring expenses can range from $10 to $75. Even if the clothing item that needs tailoring is more costly, having it tailored is worth it.

Should you always get a suit tailored? ›

The short answer: Yes. Unless your suit is made-to-measure, any off-the-rack suit is going to need to have alterations done. Here's why: Suits are typically constructed to fit the “average” body. The problem is that everyone's body is different.

How long does it take Macy's to tailor a suit? ›

After making a purchase on or, customers schedule a visit from a tailor to their home or office. The clothes are altered and a tailor returns within a week to make sure the fit is right.

Should my first suit be tailored? ›

You'll most likely need to take it to a tailor for small adjustments. These little tweaks make a huge difference in how you look – and therefore, feel – in the suit. Don't neglect this step. A suit like this will cover you for so many occasions as an adult, from first interviews to friends' weddings.

How much is a good quality tailored suit? ›

Mid-level suits range from $800 to $1,500. They're usually made of all natural fabrics and will be custom-made to fit you. High-end suits are usually $1,500 and up. They're often bespoke suits, meaning sewn from scratch, and always use all-natural materials.

How often should you replace a suit? ›

Since suits are an expensive investment, the general rule on adding a new suit to your wardrobe or retiring an old one depends on how often and gently you wear it. On an average, if you wear a suit to work regularly, then consider updating your wardrobe every three years.

Is the suit outdated? ›

“The look of a suit follows trends in fashion like every other item of clothing,” explains Brian Brick, CEO of Moss Bros. “What we are seeing is a softening of formal wear and a smartening of casual. What hasn't changed is that men still want to look smart whether they are back in the office or on a night out.”

Should you wash clothes before tailoring? ›


Talking about washing care helps you keep your clothes looking their best, but it also helps us when we do our job! Remembering to pre-wash that new garment before your tailoring appointment means that your new hem is accurate and will stay at the agreed upon length.

What do you wear when getting fitted for a suit? ›

Wearing a dress shirt and tie to your appointment will help you and the tailor get a better idea of sleeve length and if any adjustments to the collar or lapels are needed. Wearing shoes will help the tailor get a more accurate idea of where the break on your pants will be to ensure proper drape.

What are the 3 types of measurement in sewing? ›

If you are new to sewing or have been sewing for a while, you'll have noticed that most sewing patterns list three basic measurements to help you choose the size to sew. These are bust, waist and hip.

Can I go to a tailor just to get measured? ›

Indeed, if you want to rest assured that your measurements are taken by a professional, you can go to any tailor and ask him to measure you.

What are the types of measurements in tailoring? ›

These six measurements are the key reference points that most sewing pattern company size charts have - download a copy here for later reference.
  1. NECK AND BUST. To measure your neck, pull the tape around the middle, coming from the back to the front. ...
  2. WAIST AND HIPS. ...
  5. SHOULDER. ...
Nov 4, 2019

How many inches can a tailor take off? ›

The exact amount varies by the size, but at least 2-3″ is found at the center rear seam. The opposite can be done as well, also at the rear, to around the same limit. Anything more than 2-3″ will affect the balance of the trousers as the rear pockets get close together.

What are the 4 main types of measurement? ›

You can see there are four different types of measurement scales (nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio). Each of the four scales, respectively, typically provides more information about the variables being measured than those preceding it.

What are the 4 common types of measurement? ›

Psychologist Stanley Stevens developed the four common scales of measurement: nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio. Each scale of measurement has properties that determine how to properly analyse the data. The properties evaluated are identity, magnitude, equal intervals and a minimum value of zero.

What are the five methods of measurement? ›

types of measurements are:
  • Indirect method of measurement.
  • Direct method of measurement.
  • Fundamental method of measurement.
  • Substitution method of measurement.
  • Comparison method of measurement.

Do tailors do measurements for free? ›

Most local tailors will measure you free of charge (we do this, so feel free to visit any Alterations Express & we can measure you for your suit on the spot!).

What is the golden ratio in tailoring? ›

1:1.618 is the magic ratio you should follow to have a balanced proportions when dressing up.


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